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Paint Protection 

Ceramic protection for interiors and exteriors 

The smooth and glossy paint surface on your new car is deceptive. At the microscopic level it is highly textured, which means tiny particles of dirt, mineral salts and air-borne pollutants from the engine can get a good grip on the surface, dulling the shine. Acids in rain and bird mess, cleaning chemicals and UV rays from strong sunlight can also damage the paint. 
Grit, mud and road-build up is easy to remove with an abrasive cleaner, but doing this means a little of the textured paint surface is worn away along with the dirt, every time you clean, damaging the high gloss shine and eventually wearing the paint. 
The interior of your car deserves protection too. The seats and carpets are vulnerable to staining from spilled food and drinks, as well as needing a shield against everyday dirt and grit transferred from your shoes.  
Whether you’ve bought a brand new, or a pre-owned car, Ingeni have partnered with Gen3 to protect your vehicle’s surfaces and keep them looking good as new. 

Ingeni Ceramic Protection Products 

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